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Kaci Smith

I am passionate about creating motion, making people smile, and putting my own flair into everything I do. In my spare time, I enjoy taking my daughter and our beloved pug to the park. Crafting, leveraging my creative abilities, and cultivating the garden in the warmth of the sun are some of my favorite pastimes. Above all, I get the most satisfaction out of teaming up with other creative professionals to bring a concept to life and do my part in making it special.

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Freelance Artist

May 2013 - Present

Motion Graphics and VFX

Using design principals and animation fundamentals I create a variety of projects
for companies of all sizes.
I work closely with the studio or company to make sure they are happy with every project from concept to delivery.
I wear many hats, including project manager, tax aficionado, resource manager, sales lead, and design and motion talent.


August 2022 - Present

Senior Motion Designer

I mentor and inspire Junior Staff by working one-on-one on skills and providing links to new techniques and innovative work. 
I am tasked with the most difficult motion projects as they come in.
I step into leadership roles when team leads are on leave.

School of Motion

January 2022 - Present

Teaching Assistant

I guide students through design and animation courses by providing personalized
critique and help them overcome hurdles.
I increase student engagement by generating relevant and helpful posts on School of Motion's social media website.

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